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Consulting Services

Staff Education and Training

At your agency, it's essential to provide orientation and training to every employee and volunteer, as required by CMS and each state. Since every agency has unique needs, it's crucial to meet those needs to ensure your team's success.

To maintain compliance, it's essential to conduct Quality Assessment Performance Improvement audits, which can identify the need for additional instruction and guidance.

At Quality in Hospice Consulting, our team of professionals understands the importance of developing customized training and education programs to meet your specific needs. By doing so, we can create and cultivate a culture of quality, compliance, and customer service within your agency. Let us help you elevate your team's performance and ensure compliance with regulations.


If it's been two years or more since your last full book survey or you're preparing for accreditation with ACHC, Joint Commission, or CHAP, Quality in Hospice Consulting can help you get your site survey-ready.

Managing staff turnover and day-to-day operational demands can lead to unforeseen vulnerabilities in your site's compliance and survey readiness. However, with expert guidance, you can position your agency for survey success.

Our team of professionals understands the importance of always being survey-ready. We can help you identify potential vulnerabilities and develop a comprehensive plan to address them, ensuring that your agency is always ready for any survey.

Let us assist you in achieving survey success and positioning your agency for continued excellence in the hospice industry.

Survey Readiness

Performance Improvement Plans

At Quality in Hospice Consulting, we believe in strategically planning projects to achieve improvement in areas of deficiency. We can help you identify areas that need improvement and develop a plan to address them.

We understand that to achieve improvement, it's crucial to understand the deficient areas and identify the educational needs of your team. Our team of professionals can work with you to identify these needs and develop educational programs tailored to your agency's unique needs.

Let us help you achieve improvement in deficient areas and develop a culture of quality and excellence within your agency. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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Plans of Correction

If your hospice agency is surveyed by Texas Health and Human Services, Joint Commission, ACHC or CHAP, Quality in Hospice Consulting is here to help. We can analyze your official report of deficiencies and develop effective plans of correction for your submission in response.

Our team of professionals can provide expert guidance and practical solutions to assist in improving compliance. Let us help you navigate the corrective action process and achieve compliance with regulatory requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in responding to deficiencies and improving compliance in your hospice agency.

Mock Survey

As a new leader in the hospice industry, it can be daunting to assess the compliance status of your site. At Quality in Hospice Consulting, we offer a valuable solution - a mock survey that can identify areas requiring improvement.

Our team of qualified professionals can conduct a comprehensive mock survey and provide an analysis of the findings. We can also suggest strategies for process improvement where needed.

Don't be caught off guard by your upcoming 3-year survey. Mock surveys are most helpful at least 6 months before your anticipated survey date. Contact us today to schedule a mock survey and gain peace of mind knowing that your hospice agency is prepared for the real thing.

Workshops and Webinars

At Quality in Hospice Consulting, we believe that hospice leaders should not have to struggle in silence. That's why we offer practical education and workshops to the hospice community, specifically tailored to your agency's unique needs. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to apply regulations, explore functional processes, and implement best practices for maintaining compliance and delivering high-quality care.

We understand that hospice leaders deserve to learn the rules and receive the necessary support to function with excellence. With our practical education and workshops, you can gain a deeper understanding of regulations and best practices, helping you to improve your agency's operations and provide exceptional care.

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