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We are a professional Quality Assessment Performance Improvement consulting agency for the hospice industry. Quality in Hospice Consulting began in 2016 out of the desire to educate and assist hospice site leaders with the knowledge and assistance to increase compliance while providing quality at the bedside.  Our team consists of hospice leaders who have been in the industry for more than 45 years. 

Our Company specializes in creating active, quality-performing, and compliant programs with proven success in positive outcomes.

We believe that during this most challenging time in a patient's life, the patient's and their caregivers' positive experience is not an option in this industry.  "We have one opportunity to get it right because many of whom we serve do not have a tomorrow." 

Certified ACHC and CHAP consultants.






Quality in Hospice Consulting is devoted to the hospice industry and providing the ministry of compassionate and quality care.

We provide practical services to assist your agency to provide quality patient care and achieve the measurable positive outcomes desired to keep your hospice viable in today's market.

Shelia Nelson-Meredith

Shelia's coaching, counseling and consulting, specializing in compliance and quality of care, produce higher census and satisfaction ratings for hospices. Her hospice and healthcare services provide invaluable guidance and expertise to Quality in Hospice Consulting clients. Her clients realize measurable improvement in client services, process flow, understanding and compliance with the industry regulations.
Before starting a consulting business, Shelia spent 38 years in healthcare, 27 of those years as a registered nurse and 19 years in hospice, most recently as Senior Vice President of Compliance and Quality of a national hospice agency.
After a successful career of helping thousands experience the benefit of quality hospice care, and opening several new hospice programs, Shelia now reaches agencies across the nation to ensure that they do the same.
Quality in Hospice Consulting was created in 2016 to meet the educational needs of administrators and clinical managers in their roles of hospice leadership. The mission of Quality in Hospice Consulting begins with the end goal and the desire to ensure the patient’s peaceful and comfortable death and to provide education and support to the family.
Quality in Hospice Consulting develops programs, education, and resources for hospice programs to meet and exceed quality standards and to improve customer service at the bedside.

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